Georgia Institute of Technology

August 2017 - Present

I am currently a first year Computer Science Master's student at Georgia Tech with a concentration in interactive intelligence. I am also part of the Social and Language Technologies Lab where I perform research on natural language generation.



HTML/CSS, JavaScript(React, Angular, Node.js, Express.js, AJAX)


Java, Python (Django, matplotlib, pandas, PyTorch), PHP, mySQL, mongoDB, Docker

Work Experience

Software Engineering Intern

May - August 2020

At Amazon, I worked on the Alexa engineering team. I designed and implemented a PHP script that programmatically reduced the complexity of Amazon Alexa’s natural language generation templates by 7%. I also expanded Amazon Alexa’s ability to generate cross-topic answers.

Software Engineering Intern

May - August 2019

At UPS, I worked primarily with Java Spring Boot and Microsoft Azure to create and deploy an API-based email service, improve efficiency of database queries in production, and deploy a key vault that made UPS customs applications both more efficient and secure.

Software Engineering Intern

May 2018 - May 2019

I worked at Itential as a software engineering intern for two semesters.

In my first semester, I created a Microsoft Azure adapter using Node.js and RESTFUL APIs and a web application using HTML, Ajax and Bootstrap that hosted real-time data of all private repositories in the company. I gained experience with network automation and programmable networking as well as Docker, Node.js, and mongoDB.

In my second semester, I built on my Node.js and web programming skills to help develop two customer-facing applications using React.js and Node.js that automated time-consuming customer tasks and slashed service adapter integration from a multi-week process to less than a week.

Research Intern

May - June 2016

Performed spreadsheet management and literature searches, and organized research regarding various pharmaceutical products. Gained experience with Microsoft Excel and research and data analytics.



May - June 2021

  • Mobile-compatible dashboard that allows users to search, filter and organize trending movies based on various criteria, such as IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, or Google Users ratings
  • Implemented using React.js, Material UI, web scraping and local caching
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Stock Visualization Dashboard

November – December 2020

  • Dashboard that displays different statistics of a searched stock, including historical price charts with a range slider and moving average lines, seasonal charts, and stock ownership breakdowns
  • Implemented using Gatsby.js, Material-UI, Recharts.js, and AlphaVantage API
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Resume Chatbot

May - June 2020

  • Chatbot that answers resume-related questions such as skills, education and internships
  • Used to train natural language utterances and React.js and Express.js to design the frontend chat interface
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Volunteer Management System

January 2020 - Present

  • Current engineering manager of a team of developers responsible for creating a vendor-agnostic volunteer management system for the Bits of Good club at Georgia Tech
  • Responsible for the implementation of techical decisions in the project, such as software architecture, user authentication, and product features
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Sparse Order Picking Using Heads-Up Displays

August - December 2019

  • Developed a Google glass application prototype that provides real-time localization and optimization of sparse order picking paths for warehouse navigation
  • Performed a user study that compared various sparse order picking methods using heads-up displays
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Lunch Buddy

October 2019

  • Mobile application that matches users with a “buddy” to eat lunch with based on their preferences and schedule
  • Used React Native to implement Facebook authentication, Messenger integration, Firebase integration, and push notifications
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Story Mania

July - August 2019

  • Web-based multiplayer game where multiple users take turns adding words to form a story
  • Designed using Firebase, semantic-ui, custom css, and React animations
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Meal-Tracking Applciation

June - July 2019

  • Application that keeps track of meal expenditures and displays relevant statistics and visuals, created using a Django backend and Angular frontend
  • Implemented a multi-user platform that stores data in a cloud-based postgreSQL service
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October 2018

  • Cost-sharing mobile application for Android created using Android Studio
  • Implemented main cost-sharing page and connected application to a no-cloud database using Firebase
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Youtube Sentiment Analyzer

April - May 2018

  • Python application that scrapes the comments from a given YouTube video and performs sentiment analysis using natural language processing
  • Used matplotlib and pandas to display visual representations of video sentiment
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Other Interests


From classical to pop, I enjoy playing all types of music. I've played piano since I was 5 years old, and have participated in many competitions.

Notable achievements:

  • 1st place All-State (2014-2017)
  • 2nd place National League Showcase Competition at Carnegie Hall (2016)


Game, set, and match! Tennis is one of my favorite hobbies, and my go-to activity after finishing a tough day of classes or waking up on a bright and sunny Saturday morning. I started playing tennis at the end of middle school, and have played competitively throughout high school, including doubles on our high school's Varsity team and singles at USTA ranked tournaments.


As an aspiring photographer, I enjoy all different types of photography, from portrait photography to cityscapes and nature photography. I love how photography can capture people and places in ways that words, or even physical experience itself, cannot, and enjoy people's reactions as they light up after I take their photo.

Graphics Design

Graphics design is another hobby I enjoy. I taught myself graphics design using Bryce 6 and Lightwave, and have created many 3D renderings including 3D object models, landscapes, and animations.